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Profile of Riau Isles

Riau Isles Province, geographically, is located between 0o29 South Latitude and 04o40' North Latitude and 103o22 109o4 East Longitude.

Riau Isles Province is adjacent to :
- Singapore, Malaysia and Riau Province in the west,
- East Malaysia and West Kalimantan in the east,
- Vietnam and Cambodia in the north,
- South Sumatera and Jambi Province in the south.

The total area of Riau Isles province is 417,012.97 Km2, while the remaining area of 10595.41 Km2 is land.

Riau Isles Province capitalized in Tanjungpinang is divided into 5 regencies and 2 cities, namely Bintan, Karimun, Anambas Isles, Lingga and Natuna Regency; Batam and Tanjung Pinang City.

Natuna has the largest land with a percentage of 26.56% of the land area of Riau Isles Province or about 2.814,26 Km2, followed by Lingga Regency 19.99% (2.117,72 Km2) and Bintan 16.41% (1.739,44 Km2). Batam City and Tanjungpinang have broad percentages respectively amounted to 14.82% (1.570,35 Km2) and 2.26% (239,50 Km2), but it is the center of almost all economic activities in Riau Isles Province. Even, Batam is an industrial center of international scale. Next is Karimun which its wide area includes 14.38% (1.524,00 Km2) of the land of Riau Isles Province and Anambas Isles Regency with an area of approximately 5.57% (590,14 Km2).

Climate in Riau Isles province is strongly influenced by wind conditions that generally make this region a wet tropical maritime climate. There are dry and rainy season punctuated by a transition season. The lowest average temperature recorded at Ranai-Natuna Station is about 21,90C and the highest average temperature recorded in Batam Station is about 34,80C. Average air humidity in this province is between 79.5% to 85%. The rainfall that occurred during the year 2013 in this province was quite diverse. The range of the highest rainfall recorded at Tanjungpinang Station in the year amounted to 282.5 mm and the lowest recorded at Dabo-Lingga Station was 182.3 mm range.

Economic structure of Riau Isles Province in 2013 was dominated by agriculture sector (4,42%), processing sector (47,77%) and trading sector (19,85%). In agriculture sector, the biggest contribution was from cassava, followed by sweet potato and corn.

Main commodities of Riau Isles Province are from agriculture, plantation, fishery, livestock and service sector. Main commodities of agriculture are corn, sweet potato and cassava. Main commodities of plantation are oil palm, rubber, coffee, coconut, clove and pepper. Main commodities of fishery are fishery catch, fresh water pond culture, sea culture and brackish cultivation. Main Commodities of livestock are cow, pig, goat and buffalo. Main commodities of service are nature and culture tourism.

To support the economic activity, Riau Isles has 7 airports, namely Dabo, Hang Nadim, Letung, Raja Haji Fisabilillah, Ranai, Seibati and Tambelan Airport. There are 2 roads in Riau Isles, namely government and provincial road. Provincial road length is 679,49 km, while government road length is 333,99 km. For sea transportation, it has 17 seaports, namely Batu Ampar Port, Beton Sekupang Port, CPO Kabil Port, Kijang Port, Moro Port, Nongsa Port, Pertamina Sambu Port, PT. ANTAM Tbk, Bauksit Kijang Port, PT. Tambang Timah Kundur Port in Karimun Regency, Sambu/ Lumba Island Port in Batam City, Sekupang Port (Sekupang International), Senayang Port in Lingga Regency, Sri Payung Batu Anam Port, Tanjung Balai Karimun Port in Karimun Regency, Tanjung Batu Kundur Port in Karimun Regency, Tanjung Pinang Port (Sri Bintan Pura) and Tanjung Uban Port in Bintan Regency.

This province has 9 industrial areas, namely Batamindo Industrial Park, Bintang Industrial Park, Bintan Industrial Estate, Kabil Integrated Industrial Estate, Panbil Industrial Estate, Puri Industrial Park 2000, Tunas Industrial Estate, Union Industrial Park, dan West Point Maritime Industrial Park that are supported by electrics and telecommunication facilities.

Kepulauan Riau Dalam Angka 2014
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